Our Story

Casa Kantuta is not your average cocktail bar – it’s a one-of-a-kind cultural experience that transports you to the vibrant streets of Bolivia. Our pop-up bar is designed to share the beautiful and abundant ancestral traditions of Bolivia with the DC scene. Our mission is to celebrate and share Bolivia’s rich culture by inspiring happiness and transporting patrons through sight, taste, and sound – one quality craft cocktail at a time. Escape the ordinary and come and connect with us over a cultural journey that is truly unique.

What Makes Us Unique?

Casa Kantuta is more than just a bar – it’s a cultural experience. As the first Bolivian cocktail bar in the US, we designed our space to make patrons feel as though they’ve stepped off the streets of DC and into a “boliche” in La Paz. Our rotating menu of Bolivian-inspired craft cocktails highlights different aspects of Bolivian culture through both their names and flavors, all made with the national spirit of Bolivia, Singani. We also offer small bites including the traditional Bolivian street food, salteñas, Friday-Sunday. Our eclectic mix of Bolivian music, 90’s hip hop, Reggaeton, and Cumbia Villera creates a unique atmosphere that will transport you to another place entirely. At Casa Kantuta, we celebrate and share Bolivia’s rich culture in every aspect of our bar, creating a cultural experience that is unique and truly memorable.

Come & Enjoy!

Join us at Casa Kantuta and experience the warmth and spirit of Bolivia in every aspect of our bar. Come and sip on a cocktail, savor our salteñas and other small bites, and immerse yourself in the vibrant sounds of Bolivian music. At Casa Kantuta, we strive to share the beauty of our ancestral traditions with the D.C. scene and beyond. Every aspect of Casa Kantuta is designed to give our patrons a true taste of Bolivia with Singani, salteñas, and good times.

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